• During transportation & handling please avoid rolling, throwing or hitting Oreana Quartz Stone because it may cause hidden crack or damage. Keep the Quartz Stone under covered area to protect from weather and should not be exposed directly to sunlight.

  • To avoid any color variation after laying Quartz, we recommend checking shade/pattern according to the space required for one batch, because shade & size variation are inherent characteristics of Quartz. Certain products of Quartz have variations, which are part of design and process.

  • Concrete of substrate (Surface Bedding/Underlying Layer) shall be completely cured. Surface should be leveled and kept clean for proper bonding.

  • For large area flooring, leave expansion & contraction joints at proper distance to prevent warp age or cracks on Quartz Stones due to shrinkage or expansion or contraction of structures. We recommend providing grooves while laying Quartz Stone.

  • We recommend applying resin base Adhesive to the prepared substrate using a notched trowel. Remove extra material from the joint immediately. Do not keep extra material for a longer time to avoid patches on the edges of joints. The grouting should commence after 2-3 days of laying Quartz Stone. Early grouting results in alkali moss and spoil the surface.

  • We recommend avoiding using cement as a binder because cement is an alkaline material and the stones are acidic resulting in appearance of white patches on the surface near to the joints. Hence resin base Grout only should be used.

  • We recommend using 2" wide ABRO tape necessarily on both sides of joints before grouting to avoid any patches after installation. Excess grouts must be removed immediately using a wet sponge.

  • Please don’t put POP on the surface of Quartz Stone to avoid any patches/stains.

  • Please prohibit use of shopping cart/wheeled chair having hard wheels to avoid scratching the stone of the shop. Avoid using acid or alkaline detergents. Only neutral detergents should be used. Regular care & maintenance can keep the stone flawless (perfect/with no faults), bright & clean for a long time. Marble Cleaner also available in the market.